Global Furniture Supplier

We specialize in the purchase, sale and delivery of furniture to national and international on- and offline furniture chains and retailers who benefit from direct container purchases.

Customers’ demand for products is constantly changing and expanding. We take on the challenges by constantly exploring new opportunities and offering innovative services and products.

Our strength lies in handling the complexity of production. We manage the risk in the production countries and ensure an optimal production flow, so that customers get their products delivered in the right quality, at the right time and not least that all laws and certifications are complied with in the process. In other words, we are in the engine room for our customers. 

Supply Chain

We have the experience and are geared to face some of the challenges you can meet in the supply chain.

We primarily produce in Asia and Eastern Europe in close cooperation with our subcontractors.

With more than 200 subcontractors and partners, we have a wide and robust supply chain ranging from local handflets in Indonesia to large innovative factories in China with modern machinery and the right technical skills.  Common to them is that they master their craft and in interaction with us are used to serving some of the largest and most complex purchasing organizations in the world.


Proximity in Production

With own offices and employees in each country we produce and buy from, we can adapt and solve problems quickly, maintaining a reliable supply chain.

Using digital control tools and own quality controllers to inspect directly at production sites, we ensure the quality of both production and optimized packaging of containers as well as in compliance with local laws and certifications.

When 1 + 1 equals 3

Tradepoint is based on strong partnerships. Good partnerships are very much about developing a common strategy that creates value for all parties.

We not only supply products, we help develop the suppliers’ business and solve customers’ needs and challenges.

Based on our set-up and experience, we can scale and execute the partnership in addition to the partner’s business, developing unique solutions with the individual partner based on their needs.


At Tradepoint, we take our responsibility to the world around us and the people we work with seriously.

We strive to provide our customers with the best possible service and our suppliers the best possible support, while leaving a minimal impact on the environment.

Over the years, we have become pioneers in meeting and standardizing our customers’ and various international environmental requirements such as EUTR, FSC® (FSC® C012121) and BSCI. Our aim is to deliver all products and packaging as FSC certified, where possible, within 2024.